Monday, January 21, 2013

Hamstring, videos soon, and Supertraining with Mark Bell

Just getting ready to leave work. Hydrated up and ready for a great workout tonight. My left hamstring is very tight. Almost feels like I pulled it. I think it will be fine. Its Chest tonight and its alot of incline, which is one of weaknesses.

I'm deciding if I should buy a video camera and start video taping my workouts just to show what I do. I think I'm going to but I need to research first to see about editing programs, also what camera to buy.

Just for everyone reading this... Check out Mark Bell at +SuperTraining.TV . I watch all his videos and he has some amazing advice. He constantly updates his YouTube channel and answers a ton of questions if you email him.

I'm gonna hammer some chest in 4 hours.

Train hard, train smart,

Horse from hell

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